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Founded by Jeremy Casdagli in 1997,  and initially known as Bespoke Cigars, Casdagli offer unique and quality cigars that deliver the sense of luxury, elegance and tradition. Casdaglis’ cigars are handcrafted at the Kelner Boutique Factory (KBF) in the Dominican Republic and at the IGM Boutique Factory in Costa Rica. 

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The story of Casdagli Cigars

The Casdagli Cigars brand has grown from a small regional brand to an almost worldwide available cigar. The history of Casdagli Cigars is huge, even though the brand is still quite young.

Casdagli Cigars was founded in 1997, but the history starts in the 1800s when the Casdagli family started trading grain, tobacco, cotton, and breeding of Arabian horses. The continuation of the family tradition in the luxury goods trade is demonstrated by the adoption of Colossus of Rhodes as the family trading symbol on the brand logo.

The original production of Casdagli Cigars in 1990s was produced in Cuba, 100% hand rolled by the master torcedor Carlos Valdez Mosquera – simply one of the best there has ever been. The whole production was initially very small – only 500-1,000 cigars a month destined for the London market. Own label cigars were made for some of the top establishments including The Rib Room at the Carlton Park Tower and The Capital Hotel. Casdagli Cigars also became the choice for certain celebrities and members of the Saudi Royal Family.

On Carlos’s retirement in 2013 the search for a new trustworthy producer led to the discovery of the newly opened Kelner Boutique Factory operated by Hendrik Kelner Jr of the famous Kelner family of Master blenders. This long-term partnership has led to the launch and development of four cigar lines of Casdagli Cigars: the Traditional Line (2013), the Club Mareva Line (2014), the Basilica Line (2015), the Cabinet Selection (2016). The most recent cigar line of the Daughters of the Wind (2018) is handcrafted in Costa Rica at the exclusive boutique factory IGM in San Jose.

You can learn more about the Casdagli brand here.

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