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Due to the high level of scammers purchasing on our website, we now require you to make direct bank payments for your order. Please make payment using the bank details attached at checkout. 


We're sorry for the inconvenience and are working on finding the right merchant facility that offers us secure payment methods.


Have a special request? Visit our contact page to enquire about special orders. We can source specialty Cigars and accessories from our partners. From custom humidors to boutique cigars, from a custom gift box to an invitation designed to look just like your favourite whiskey or cigar label. We will have you covered. 



At Cigar Brothers we make the cigar buying experience simple. Stocking only the cigars that most of the market wants, saving you the time and questions. 

Flavour and quality isn't the only part of your decision process. The right cigars for events and parties may not necessarily be the right cigars for a relaxed evening.



We compliment our cigars with specialty glassware, perfect for your whiskey and cigar nights. Stocking a quality range of whiskey and wine decanters as well as whiskey glasses.

Gift Boxes

At Cigar Brothers, you can find the most appropriate gift boxes that will complement your gifts for different occasions. We offer a vast array of premium boxes tailored to your taste, personality, and style or that of your recipient. 
You can shop online today and have the perfect gift boxes for any occasion delivered straight to your doorstep. 

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